come paddle your cares away while you explore the shoreline of Colliers Bay

paddling is wind dependent – please call for availability

explore the shoreline

Looking below into the clear bay waters during your paddle you may see sea stars, sea urchins, crabs, and a variety of fish. Colliers Bay is also frequented by minke whales and seals, and there are a pair of bald eagles that fish along the shoreline, as well as a variety of sea birds.

Our paddle season starts in June and finishes up at the end of September… that is unless the beginning of October brings us some lovely warm, low wind, days.

Paddle bookings will be released a few days in advance as the wind forecast is released.

As this is self guided paddling, we will only be booking in on low wind days.

A Little Cup of Sea - Collage of Beach Hut, Afternoon Tea, Waffletons and Wood Burning Fireplace
A Little Cup of Sea - Beach Hut - Fireplace, Woodfire Stove, afternoon tea, slippers

the important stuff

+ All paddlers are required to sign waivers before the rental can start.

+ Paddlers under 18 are required to have the waiver signed by accompanying parent or guardian.

+ All paddlers must be comfortable swimming.

+ As this is self guided paddling it is recommended that everyone paddle with a friend. Solo paddling is discouraged.

+ Recommended age for paddlers is 14+ (min weight 90lbs) and paddlers under the age of 18 are to be accompanied by parent or guardian.

+ If weather conditions are deemed unsafe for paddling (heavy rain or high winds), guests will be provided with the choice of a refund or rebooking.

Duration & Rates

Available rental times are as follows:

9:00 am – 11:00 am
11:30 am – 1:30 pm
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
2022 Rates

$35/$45 per 2 hour rental

What’s Included
  • Paddleboard / Tandem Kayak & paddles
  • Board leash for paddleboarding
  • Personal Flotation Device
  • Whistle

As low wind days present themselves, paddling will be made available… please call to check for availability. As much as we would love to book you for three thursdays from now, we make every effort to release booking slots during safest times (low wind) throughout the upcoming week to ten days ahead.

what to bring

+ Wear quick dry clothing (polyester) if possible, and bring along a spare change of clothing and towel just in case.

+ Please wear footwear that you don’t mind getting wet as you will have to step into about 12″ of water while launching.

+ Sunscreen

+ Hat

+ Sunglasses

+ A shell jacket is also a great idea on cooler days (we are in Newfoundland after all!)

+Water and snacks