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The first maker that I’m thrilled to share with you is one of the first that I found when starting to curate the beach hut collection {the beach hut collection consists of the art, artifacts, curiosities, books, candles, and other little treasures that can be found in the beach hut. the beach hut collection is an ever growing collection}

Kaila’s circular paintings are inspired by the stunning landscapes and seascapes that surround us on this island we call home… once the circular window was secured for the beach hut I felt strongly drawn to art in circular form for the beach hut. Now on with meeting this first maker! Kaila Erb… we’re going to do this interview style

Lacey: So Kaila… tell me a little about yourself

Kaila: My name is Kaila Erb and I am an occupational therapist/artist/ adventurer living and working in St. John’s, Newfoundland. I created a series of circular oil paintings of seascapes inspired by the portholes on ships. There is something calming about watching the water through those little circular windows and I wanted to capture that in these circular pieces. Two of these pieces now live in the beautiful beach hut.

Lacey: yes that port hole vibe… so nautical, so perfect for the seaside hut. I will let readers know that the two pieces in the hut are actually available for purchase!… if you’re interested just reach out to Kaila or myself and we can set you up with either of those!
I am curious about where everyone comes from… what their background is. Tell me where you are from.

Kaila: I was Born in a small gold mining town in Northern Ontario called Red Lake! I moved to Newfoundland in 2015 and have lived all over the province working as an occupational therapist. We settled in St. John’s in 2020 and now call it home!


Lacey: I am also curious about how things are made, and how and why makers make… how long have you been painting?

Kaila: I have always painted. I started to sell some of my work in 2015 after connecting with an artist group in Corner Brook.

Lacey: I am fortunate to house two of your pieces, paintings to be specific, in the beach hut collection. Do you work in other mediums?

Kaila: I have largely been using oils lately but have dabbled in most mediums… for example acrylic, watercolours, ink, and fibre arts

Lacey: With your painting… how do you get started, what got you into paint?

Kaila: I always had an interest in art and was always a kid who loved making things. I also always had a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit and used to try to sell my drawings to my neighbours. I started to take art more seriously in high school when encouraged by my art teacher Mrs. Bobinski. I took some fine art classes while at the University of Guelph but ultimately decided to pursue a career in healthcare and continue to engage in art for the pleasure of it. I love creating and love not having the pressure to make my whole living from it.

Lacey: I find a lot of people want to be creative but just don’t know where to start… do you have any advice for others looking to pickup a paintbrush or to get in touch with their creative side?

Kaila: Start small. Buy a pack of small canvases and some paints and play around. You don’t have to make something perfect that you want to hang on your wall the first time you pick up a brush. That kind of pressure tends to take the joy out of it.

Lacey: yes! Just start playing from a place of joy! I agree 🙂 Kaila where can others find more of your art online? And where can one purchase pieces that you have created?

Kaila:  You can follow me on Instagram @kailaerbart  and Facebook kailerbart

And you can find my art to purchase at Twisted Sisters Boutique, Newfoundland Canvas, and Bare Mountain Coffee House! As well through my etsy shop. I periodically do markets at the St. John’s farmers Market typically around the Holidays. 


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  1. Carol Anne Hayes

    An absolute wonderful read Lacey. Loving all the information gathered in response to your pertinent, open ended questions.

    Welcome [belated] to St. John’s, Newfoundland Kaila. Quite intriguing reading about your journey from your hometown, Red Lake, Ontario to discovering endless nooks and crannies across this beautiful island we so proudly call home. How blessed to have the freedom to #exploreNL for five years before settling in St. John’s in 2020.

    The year COVID19 raised its nasty head. Newfoundland surely captured your heart for you to remain and wait out the few years that the province /country/world learned to navigate this post pandemic hurdle.

    Kaila’s work is incredibly beautiful. ♥️
    I have a fondness for all things adventure tourism, especially on the Atlantic Ocean along our Newfoundland coastline.

    I hope you continue to blog Lacey. It’s really quite lovely. Your pride and affection for this province rings out between your every word.

    Congratulations on your Innovator of the Year 2023 award! 🏆 Delighted for you! 🫶 Have a fantastic 2024 season!


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