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hi friends! here you’ll find a blog post from time to time about the beach hut, cozy living, other local businesses, and even a few recipes to help you get cozy at home

Meet the Maker: Kaila Erb

The first maker that I’m thrilled to share with you is one of the first that I found when starting to curate the beach hut collection {the beach hut collection consists of the art, artifacts, curiosities, books, candles, and other little treasures that can be found...

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Spiced Apple Waffletons with Hot Toddy Screech Sauce

No never ending soliloquy here before a recipe my friends… let’s just get to the good stuff. A cozy fresh baked take on Newfoundland and Labrador’s beloved traditional touton… a delightful treat on a cold gray day or a fun brunch addition… and look… I get it screech sauce!? Screech tastes like paint thinner I know. The Labrador to my Newfoundland, aka Alanna Jensen, is a recipe maven and the spiced screech is TO DIE FOR in this sauce on these very apple waffletons.

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About Me… a little more in depth

I’m not sure I’d ever create a proper intro post on the business Instagram account so I recently created one… it went over well over there and started lots of conversation so I figured I’d create a blogpost as well where I can go a little more in depth and also share some photos of the neat work I got to be a part of during my time as a Custom Fabrication Project Manager..

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hi, i’m lacey!

Born and raised in Newfoundland, having spent childhood summers playing in the Landwash, I’ve settled back into the island with my husband and child to make this place our home once more. A Little Cup of Sea was born from the love of the sea and that pursuit of savouring the now and the pursuit of rest.