Hi, I’m Lacey

 momma.    rest seeker.   lover of the sea 

A Little Cup of Sea was born from a dream to live “home” and run a business that would allow me to continue to be a stay at home mama for our little tornado, Finley.   

After 15 years away in Calgary, my Husband Chris and I, with our then two year old moved back to the island, late in 2019 and by the Spring of 2020 we had our house on the water… which put me in the perfect spot to share my love of the sea with others. During summers visiting grandparents as a child I spent as much time as I could treasure hunting and playing in the Landwash… I couldn’t get enough of the salty sea air.

In the summer of 2021 we began building the beach hut and had it ready for guests in November!

Before having Finley I worked as a custom fabrication Project Manager overseeing the creation and installation of large public artworks that are installed around the world, and oversaw the fabrication and installation of exhibits at the Calgary Science Centre. I also had a side hustle known as Feathering My Nest, which landed me with a DIY segment on a local talk show, on the Calgary Home and Garden Show Main Stage as a speaker, and on a number of morning news show segments!

I love connecting with other local businesses and look forward to sharing other local businesses through collaborations with the beach hut!

– Isak Dinesen

our vision

It is the vision of the business to help others to slow down and savour their lives. A Little Cup of Sea is a nouvelle vague tourism operation whose mission is to calm and nurture souls through a unique combination of environment and connection with nature through activity – one paddle, one cup of tea, one rainy seaside day at a time.

The following values are the principles that guide daily operations and interactions with patrons, the public, and other companies.


providing an experience that does not additionally tax peoples’ already busy cognitive load, from ease of booking the rentals to arriving and enjoying their experience with A Little Cup of Sea. “…simplicity has a powerful way of working from the outside in. It provides the opportunity to remove the layers and connect with what is most important.” (Carver, 2019)


offering quality product and service Every. Single. Time. that I interact with others. “Being consistent is one of the most vital and surefire ways to continually grow a successful business,” “Consistently delivering on what we say we will means that clients know what they can get from us, so we tick their boxes and keep them happy – important for building relationships.”(Assist, 2014)


provide a low key steady state condition for guests to feel at ease when spending time in the beach hut which facilitates a relaxed slow living state of being. “it is important to be comfortable where we are. We will lead much more rewarding lives if we take a pause from the hustle and bustle of life, and take time to be thankful for the amazing things we already have. We so often crave that instant gratification, but we don’t acknowledge that the most gratifying things can be found in the lives we already lead.” (Plummer 2017)

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